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We are passionate graphic designers, web/app developers, and strategists who love crafting for the screen, on paper, in motion, and on location.

Since 2008, we continue to transform ideas and visions into designed products that often create a sense of buzz in the competitive marketplace.

We believe in collaboration, experimentation, good typography, user-friendliness and attention to the smallest details.

We strive to produce end products that are engaging, coherent, cohesive, and sustainable.



Working with Studio Kudos was a pure joy. They listen, ask questions, dig deep and find the best solution and they make it all happen with smiles and great attention to all the little details.

I could not be happier with the quality of the work they did for us and the wonderful spirit of the team. Their work is smart, elegant and refreshing.


The team at Studio Kudos has worked on countless projects for us, and both their creative and technical skills are truly unmatched. Their ability to turn complex data and information into something that is visually appealing and compelling has been invaluable to us. From discussions of initial concepts all the way through implementation, Studio Kudos is committed to developing design solutions that exceed even our highest expectations!

The Long Island Index, a project of the Rauch Foundation

I’ve worked with John and his team on a number of projects over the last 7 years. What they bring to the table is that rare mix of technical and creative excellence that sets their projects apart. His team can almost always enhance the final product to exceed expectations. They hold themselves to the highest design standards and it shows — for their clients and the end result.

Allyson Lack, Partner and Creative Director at Principle

It has been a few years since Studio Kudos redesigned my website and blog. It is one thing to get feedback when you first re-launch a site, but I’m still receiving emails on a regular basis from visitors to my site how clean and attractive the design is!

Paul Williams, Founder of Idea Sandbox

I have been fortunate to work with some amazing designers during my career and John stands out as a star among stars. An incredibly strategic thinker, I was gobsmacked by every option and iteration he presented us.

The only ding I could give working with Studio Kudos is that they make choosing a single design from the options very hard. I still get goosebumps every time I see the work that John did for our project and enthusiastically sing the praises of Studio Kudos whenever the opportunity arises.

Patrick Kayser, Partner at Burnboxx

John was a pleasure to work with. He approaches problems creatively and really worked to understand the needs and challenges of our particular product and business. In addition to his design chops, he is extremely responsive, professional, and open to feedback from clients. We will work with Studio Kudos again.

Yaron Ben-Zvi, Partner at Goalmine

Studio Kudos’ expertise in redesigning my firm’s website was invaluable. John offered a variety of solutions for creating a simple, yet bold and affirmative look for both showcasing my portfolio and building new opportunities for content on our website. I continually receive compliments on the additions that he envisioned for our website.

Not only is John talented and versatile as a designer, but he is also highly personable, straightforward, and accessible. He promises instant follow-up and turnaround, as well as articulate, unintimidating explanations for any technical questions. His commitment to our project helped us meet our goals efficiently.

Sharon Davis, Partner at Sharon Davis Design

We hired Studio Kudos to redo our consumer site, and our experience with them was terrific. They are top designers, professional and easy to work with. We were not surprised, however, as they came highly recommended by high-powered colleagues in the design world.

Lisa Morgan, Communications Director at Center to Advance Palliative Care

I’ve worked in marketing and design for 12 years and John is one of the very best designers I’ve ever worked with. Beyond an exemplary design sense, he brings an incredibly strategic mind to the process that makes sure his work both smart and beautiful.

Patrick Kayser, Strategy, Planning and Ideas

It’s been a pleasure working with John, Kiki, and all of Studio Kudos on a wide variety of high quality print and electronic projects. I’m very much looking forward to continuing our productive relationship!

Aaron Goldweber, Director of Communications at Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning

Studio Kudos is an excellent partner for several seasons. John was great at listening to our needs and coming up with ideas and solutions, on time and on budget. He’s also good at turning projects around quickly and responding to changes — always a valuable skill in our fast-paced environment. I enjoyed working with John and would recommend him to future clients.

Colleen Sherry, Sr. Manager, Media & Marketing at Macy's Merchandising Group

John Kudos is great to work and collaborate with. Ideas are well formed, concepts are communicated clearly and efficiently, and the right solution is found. Even while the serious work is getting done, there’s always a sense of good nature and good humor at Studio Kudos.

Kelly Burns, Motion Graphics Designer

I partnered with John and his super awesome team to conceptualize, design, develop, test and launch a number of beta microsites which ended up being implemented across all of Through the long days (and some late nights) John and his team showed great dedication and a high level of enthusiasm that helped push us to meet the very tight deadlines.

Chris Obuck, Project Manager at Sotheby's

So far as I know there are three things to look for in web design: modern and intuitive design, the ability to suggest creative solutions that you yourself didn’t see, and the willingness to discuss and make adjustments moving forward such that you don’t feel you’re being charged by the minute.

When you come across all three in the same design shop you know you’ve got something special, and that’s what I’ve found in Studio Kudos. Working with them has contributed very positively to the style and effectiveness of our web site.

Tom Hopkins, Technical Project Manager at Autism Speaks


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Cofounder / Principal
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Cofounder / Creative Director
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Interaction Designer & Developer
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Creative Director
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