SPIDERHORSE Visual Identity System & Swag


Based out of New York City, SPIDERHORSE is an award-winning beatbox duo composed of Chris Celiz and Gene Shinozaki. The two have been creating music together for seven years and expanding the capabilities of the human voice in an innovative and exciting way. The group’s symbolic mascot—a character called Mr. SPIDERHORSE—and logotype were hand-drawn by ReepsOne, their artistic idol (who is also a beatboxer).

To develop SPIDERHORSE’s new identity, we digitized that original artwork and developed a complete visual branding system and supporting assets around it that work in various formats, including an animated version. We also designed and developed their new website. We used SPIDERHORSE as a versatile character to narratively accompany the group’s music; animated, he acts as the show’s MC, guiding the event and expressing the music’s mood. (He can even multiply his legs to double as a hair comb!)

We also enjoyed pushing the boundaries of SPIDERHORSE merchandise with unique materials and techniques, including hand-dyed T-shirts, wooden combs sourced from a local woodshop in Indonesia, bamboo-handled fans, and plush toys incorporating a plethora of pastel colors to reflect the group’s vibrant artistry.

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KUDOS mgmt

  • Kiki Katahira
    Creative Director, Designer


  • Chris Celiz and Gene Shinozaki


  • Logo Designer