Parpulo Batak Art Branding

Indonesian Ministry Of Tourism And Creative Economy

Parpulo is the foremost custodian of Batak art, offering unique wood carvings, textiles, and cultural experiences from the picturesque region of Toba, Indonesia. Since 1983, Parpulo has been instrumental in promoting Batak culture, supported by the nation’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

In response to the pandemic, we revamped Parpulo’s brand, creating a fresh visual identity, innovative packaging, and captivating photography to enhance their global presence in a post-Covid global market. Our rebranding efforts successfully positioned Parpulo on the international stage, ensuring that the brand’s rich cultural heritage and artistic value are now shared with a wider audience.

KUDOS Design Collaboratory

  • Creative Director
    Zaki Fitria
  • Designer
    Zaki Fitria
  • Researcher
    Angela Muliana
  • Motion Designer
    Rias Amalia
  • Project Manager
    Robi Dafit

Brand Strategist

  • Andini Endah Pratiwi