Lilla Branding & Super-App

Social Bella Indonesia

Specifically tailored for young mothers, Lilla offers a comprehensive super app to provide easy access to shopping, educational materials, and invaluable knowledge about the motherhood experience. Their simple mission: a commitment to mothers, to provide for them whenever, wherever, and in whatever way they can.

To resonate with this key audience, rebranding was vital for the company. KUDOS delivered a comprehensive 360-degree design solution, encompassing super-app UI design, key brand visuals and graphic systems, templates, illustrations, packaging, and detailed elements designed to appeal to modern young moms.

KUDOS Design Collaboratory

  • Andy Kurniawan
    Creative Director
  • Carla Stephano
    Art Director
  • Putu Yogiswara
  • Imam Fadilah
  • Nadya Permana
  • Kelly Rahardja
  • Fanicia Meilian