SwAA Branding & Website

Stand with Asian Americans

Stand with Asian Americans (SwAA) was established as the largest coalition of Asian American entrepreneurs, investors, and activists. KUDOS was tasked with developing comprehensive branding and a website for the organization.

We achieved an iconic visual identity through experimentation with brushed lettering combined with a modern, dynamic, and progressive look. The resulting identity communicates a sense of urgency while avoiding alienation by maintaining an approachable, inclusive, and universal appeal. This branding was featured in Asian American Justice Rally posters and signage, the organization’s website, and a separate workplace-justice website that gave users the opportunity to share personal stories of workplace discrimination. In our website design, we also utilized animation to express unity among diverse ethnicities.

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KUDOS Design Collaboratory

  • John Kudos
    Creative Director
  • Amanda Knott
    Project Manager
  • Jamus Marquette, Fay Qiu, Owen Febiandi
  • Chris Manlapid, Christian Juniady Setiawan
    Web Developers