Bandung City Wayfinding

Bandung City




  • PRINT Regional Design Awards 2017

Led by Mayor Ridwan Kamil’s vigorous efforts, the city of Bandung, Indonesia, is in the process of redefining and redesigning itself as a more humane and creative city. Working in partnership with the city in this project, we have been tasked to produce wayfinding signage, crosswalk graphics, and an e-transport card for Bandung.

The first installment of the city’s new wayfinding signage was officially announced in December 2015, followed by others across town. We designed a signage system that consists of a vibrant blue totem pole sandwiched by neutral-colored maps on both sides, providing tourist-friendly signage to help orient pedestrians and drivers alike.

For our fun crosswalk graphics, designed to increase awareness of designated crossing zones, we built upon traditional games like ular tangga (Snakes and Ladders) and engklek (hopscotch), as well as patterns from local bamboo musical instruments like angklung and suling. Finally, our unique e-transport cards—used for public-bus fare, bicycle rental, or paying parking fees—represent the rich visual history of Bandung City as well as its progression into the future, with distinctive graphics for each card to identify its specific function.

KUDOS Design Collaboratory

  • Andy kurniawan
    Creative Director
  • Ryan Adenata
    Art Director
  • Ilham Muhamad Firdaus

Aerial Photography

  • Dudi Sugandi