Cornell Johnson Museum Website

Cornell University

In 2022, Isometric rolled out a wide-ranging new visual identity and website design for the Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University. Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the museum, the new design celebrates its architecture by I.M. Pei, abstracting its iconic ribbon window into a simple, dashed line motif to signify the view from the museum onto the picturesque landscape of Ithaca and its role in interpreting the world beyond. KUDOS was tasked with developing the website, created in close collaboration with the museum and Isometric’s design team. 

The resulting site is a transformative online platform that gives visitors unprecedented access to the Johnson’s astounding collection of 40,000 works that span six millenia and most world cultures. Beyond serving as a crucial archive, the website also acts as a dynamic educational platform, offering a variety of activities for children via the Johnson Kids portal, and an opportunity through the Community Exhibition Creator for visitors to create their own online exhibitions incorporating artworks from the museum’s collection. Through these functions, visitors are empowered to engage with the collection on their own terms, creating an egalitarian and inclusive experience of the museum.



  • Isometric
    Visual Identity & Website Design
  • KUDOS Design Collaboratory
    Web Development

KUDOS Design Collaboratory

  • Amanda Knott
    Project Manager
  • Chris Manlapid
    Lead Web Developer
  • Christian Junaedi Setiawan, Faris Hanugraha, Arif Widipratomo
    Web Developer