Legal Information Institute

Cornell University School of Law

The Legal Information Institute (LII) is a small, semi-autonomous nonprofit organization within Cornell University. It provides free access to legal information to over 30 million people annually through a university-hosted website ( and focuses on making the law more accessible through technology. We were tasked with designing a comprehensive brand identity for the LII, aimed at aligning the organization’s brand with future goals, audience needs, and its relationship with Cornell.

After first extensively researching and workshopping our branding strategy, we developed a new design system to define the LII brand across its various platforms. Incorporating the brand’s existing bracket logo—built around the square typographical brackets used to insert explanatory or citational material in legal reports—we created a new logo and visual language to represent LII’s reliability and accessibility as an informative source, conveying the organization’s commitment to legal information for all.

KUDOS Design Collaboratory

  • John Kudos
    Creative Director
  • Jamus Marquette
    Lead Designer
  • Owen Febiandi
  • Putu Yogiswara
  • Project Manager
    Amanda Knott