Kinematic Pavilion




  • ARCH:ID Best Booth Awards Winner 2024

ARCH:ID is Indonesia’s most awaited annual architecture forum and trade event organized by Indonesian Institute of Architect (IAl) in collaboration with CIS Exhibition. This industry-focused event present a host of activities and programs that serves as effective platform for place-makers and stakeholders in architecture and built industry to congregate, collaborate, and connect.

Kinematic Pavilion is a kinetic installation that fosters a dynamic relationship between architecture and movement. Is it possible to create a transformable space that adapts to a range of community activities? Inspired by the camera aperture, our installation seamlessly shifts from an open to enclosed circular space, offering a 360-degree backdrop for immersive experiences.

People and performers are seen as living art, interacting with architecture and becoming part of the installation. A kinetic system enhances the backdrop by revealing warm light in the shape of elegant wipes and sparkles.

The collaboration also involves experimenting with a range of sustainable materials like patinated copper cladding, engineered wood veneer, and woven blinds fabric waste.

Kinematic Pavilion showcases a synergy of architectural creativity, sustainable practices, and technological integration, inviting communities to actively shape their environment.

On view 22-25 February 2024 in ICE BSD, Jakarta, Indonesia.


  • Helen Agustine Studio
    Architectural Design
  • RootsLab & BYO Living
    Exhibition Installation
    Kinetic Panel System
  • Estica
    Rotating Dome System
  • ErreLuce
    Architectural Lighting
  • The Ballet Academy & Grey Audio Lab

KUDOS Design Collaboratory

  • John Kudos
    Creative Director
  • Calvin Hadiardja
    Chief Producer
  • Andy Kurniawan
    Art Director
  • Reza Risnaldi
    3D Simulator
  • Abraham Junior
    Motion Technician
  • Setiawan Gemawidjaja
    Technical Lead
  • Chauwen
    Software Engineer
  • Benny
    Software Engineer
  • Alvin Yonathan