SPIDERHORSE at Beat X Motion Graphics




Radiant collaboration with our acclaimed beatbox artists that moves two thousand hands and hearts

Beatboxing duo SPIDERHORSE was invited to perform at the 2022 Beat X Festival in Tokyo and Osaka, and requested motion graphics to accompany their performance. 

We created an animated backdrop featuring the group’s visual character, “SPIDERHORSE,” to narrate over their performance and enhance the show’s atmosphere. SPIDERHORSE engaged the audience, encouraging them to raise their hands and clap, which they did—despite COVID protocols restricting audiences cheering and singing along.

KUDOS mgmt

  • Kiki Katahira
    Art Director
  • Owen Febiandi
    Project Manager
  • Imam Fadilah, Putu Yogiswara


  • Gene Shinozaki
    Creative Director, Beatbox Artist, Original Storyboard
  • Chris Celiz
    Creative Director, Beatbox Artist