VF Gallery Exhibition

VF Gallery

This was an exhibition design for VF Corporation’s Investor Day, held exclusively for press and financial analysts. We helped And Partners design and construct storytelling platforms in two galleries that displayed the innovations and growth plans of VF Corporation—the Fortune 500 company behind familiar brands like Lee, The North Face, 7 For All Mankind, Vans, and Nautica.

To showcase VF’s innovative approach, we used everyday retail materials in unusual ways. Each exhibit was constructed out of thick cardboard juxtaposed with fluorescent plexiglass, astroturf, and pegboard. All components were designed to be lightweight and easy to disassemble for the Investor Day event, and the cluster of walls and pedestals could be easily rearranged to fit any space.

We piled craft tubes and cubes to form walls and surfaces for staging VF Corporation’s various retail brands. To break up the gallery space, we hung oversized banners that created backdrop graphics for each story.

KUDOS Design Collaboratory

  • John Kudos
    Creative Director
  • Karen Vanderbilt
  • Brienne Jones

VF Gallery