Young Ones Call for Entry

The One Club for Creativity

Young Ones is The One Club for Creativity’s competition for students and recent graduates across creative disciplines. Young Ones is home to four unique competitions—Young Ones ADC, One Show, Portfolio, and TDC. This global creative competition challenges students in creative studies to put their best foot forward in hopes of winning one of the first honors of their burgeoning careers.

For this year’s Young Ones Award, we’ve branded it with the concept that the Young Ones Award meticulously examines the creative process and shines a spotlight on the most talented young designers. Our branding juxtaposes 2D linear sketches with 3D rendered typography and employs a 2D circle as a mask to unveil the finished work beneath, mirroring the transformative and evolving nature of the actual creative process. Additionally, we’ve crafted custom icons for each of the four distinct competitions.

KUDOS Design Collaboratory

  • John Kudos
    Creative Director
  • Amanda Knott
    Project Manager
  • Fay Qiu
    Lead Designer
  • Owen Febiandi
  • Imam Fadilah
  • Reza Risnaldi