Zeen Packaging

Exokinetics, Inc.

Wheelchairs are stable because when you’re using one, you’re seated. But they also are clunky, often require assistance, and prevent full-body exercise, which ultimately makes users’ muscles and bones decline more quickly. Rollators and walkers, on the other hand, give users some autonomy—but also cause over 47,000 people in the U.S. to end up in emergency rooms each year due to falls. That’s because when you use a walker, your weight is often behind the device, and if you lose your balance, walkers inhibit your natural ability to side-step out of a fall.

The Zeen was designed with help from physical therapists to keep users’ center of gravity at the center of the device, like a wheelchair does, but to also keep them active like a rollator does, without fatiguing the hands. We designed the Zeen’s shipping packaging and product manual, which provides clear and easily accessible step-by-step instructions for unboxing and setting up the device.

KUDOS Design Collaboratory

  • Ashley Wu
    Art Director
  • Owen Febiandi
  • Putu Yogiswara
  • Reza Risnaldi
    3D designer